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Burst Pipe? Do these five things to stop the water from damaging your house


water pipe break

  1. Locate your water shutoff – find your wherever your main water shut off valve is and turn that off.

  2. Drain your system – The key now is to turn on all of your water faucets and flushing all of your toilets to help eliminate any other water that could come from the burst pipe.

  3. Turn off your water heater – Your water heater can hold 200-1000 gallons of water. Make sue this is turned off and not being used by any of your appliances and do not use the hot water form any of the faucets.
  4. Water leaking near electrical? Turn it off – Whether there is water near an electrical outlet or maybe wiring in your attic close to the wiring for your air conditioner, turn off your electric to prevent electrocution.
  5. Call Busy B Plumbing to fix your burst pipe. We have been fixing burst pipes for over 20 years. Let us show you why we are the best in the business.